About Us

We are with you with more than 16 years of experience in the health sector. We operate in Istanbul as Belizza company, created by many healthcare professionals. Our first priority is the surgery and satisfaction of our patients, and we offer you the best price guarantee. Remember that as we have stated at every opportunity, we are your companion on the journey. Every individual in our organization, which was established with this philosophy, acts with the responsibility of your companion.

We perform the surgeries you want, keeping your safety in the first place, and at the same time, we aim to have a good time in Istanbul, one of the most beautiful cities in the world. We offer a hundred percent guarantee for each surgery with our team of plastic surgeons and general surgeons who are experts in that field. We are proud to present the surgical services we have been providing for years now with our own agency. The wonderful feedbacks of more than 650 patients coming from Europe every year and the long-term friendships we have established with them are very encouraging to us. While our medical assistants take care of everything you may need in Istanbul, our specialist doctors give you information for your surgery before you even make an appointment.

We are aware of the importance of this change you want to make in your own body and you will feel it from the first minute. If you are tired of seeing different prices for the same surgeries and you are confused, contact us. In this way, experience the best service with the best price guarantee.

 For you and your partners, we also provide services for hair and teeth in clinics we have contracted with, apart from plastic surgery and obesity. Your hotel and transfer transactions in Istanbul will be arranged by our medical assistants and no fee will be charged. We see each of our patients from our family and we invite you to join this big family.

We are your companion on the journey